No message from issuer, card’s expire this month

Sept 2022 is the month one Blue/Standard Curve card expires. So far no correspondence from Curve team this matter. However some in other matter was received properly this month.
What to do current situation?

Did Curve stop to issue new card upon expire of previous one? One card here expires this month. So far no contact got from Curve this point.

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You should have received an email 60 days and 20 days before your Curve card expires to ask if you need to update any account details and to confirm that a replacement will be issued to you automatically.

If you haven’t received either of these emails then I’d recommend contacting the support team by emailing at or by raising a ticket in the Curve in-app chat. They can help with this there!

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My card also expires end of this month. I have received no email 60 days or 20 days before 30 Sept!

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