No more dynamic MCC after leaving Wirecard?

I just logged in to one of my credit card accounts today and noticed that every single purchase since you changed the payment processor is coming through as “Professional services” and not the actual category.

Is there an ETA for fixing this? I understand there’s a lot of features to recreate after the migration, but it would help to have rough idea.

Since I’m now only getting 1.5% cashback on this card when using Curve (vs 4.5% otherwise) I’ll unfortunately have to go back to using the card directly, which is a shame. Dynamic MCC was one of the most useful features of Curve, so I’m hoping it’s something you’ll prioritize bringing back sooner rather than later.

Keep up the good work!

EDIT: I realize this has been mentioned in a few other threads, but I think it’s a big enough issue to warrant its own topic—if only to alert more people that this is a current issue to be aware of.


Where can I get a credit card paying 4.5% cashback?! I appreciate I may need to move country, but that might actually be financial viable :).


The US, the Chase Sapphire Reserve for any travel and dining/drinks related purchases :wink:

There are ways of getting a decent US credit history without moving there, allowing you to apply for these kinds of cards even when not based there. It takes some effort, but it can indeed be worth it.


Hi team. All trx are posted with MCC 8999… It’s a big issue for me as I loose all rewords from petrol, travel, retaurants purchases… Again no ones told us as orginal MCC will be converter for diffrent ones. I will back to my old Banks cards, as I never can be sure if correct MCC will be kept.

Ah, I wondered if it might be the USA - some amazing rewards (and hotel status) cards available there, most are 0.5% cashback here!

I would be keen to know how a non resident foreigner can get US cards / history - any tips you can give appreciated.

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you need a social security number to apply for these cards and whatever ways there are to get them without ever moving/staying there are probably not legal. The only other way I can think of is to register a business there and apply for business credit cards using the business EIN number

Hi, could you please elaborate? How can I get a US credit history without moving there?

This is a bit off topic, but sure, I’ll give you the high-level outline:

  1. The first thing you’d need is an ITIN (which there are several legitimate ways of needing/acquiring even as a non-US resident). An ITIN works fine, no need for an SSN (which you would only get by actually living in the US for some time).
  2. Then you need to start building a credit history linked to this ITIN, e.g. by showing up in person at a major US bank and opening an account with a secured credit card. There are also other things that can help you kick-start your credit history, such as being added as an authorized user on someone else’s credit card. You’ll need to keep a US mailing address (exact requirements varies) on file with the bank (which will get associated with you in your credit file).
  3. After ~a year of putting small transactions on the CC (you should utilize less than 10% of your credit limit) and always paying on time, you may start applying for unsecured credit cards. After closer to two years of perfect behavior you may be able to qualify for more desirable cards, such as the CSR (also depending on your income level and other factors).
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Interesting, although doesn’t look easy - - also I guess a concern that they start asking you to fill in a IRS tax return going forward (with knock-on impact for financial institutions elsewhere that will ask if you pay US taxes!)

(PS agree a bit OT so have moved to General Chat)

A shortcut to kickstart your US credit card history is using the cross-border service of an international financial institution your have an active relationship with. Amex Global Transfer is probably the easiest one.

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Have a look at

It’s designed for Canadians but is pretty much applicable to anyone not in the US.

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Hello Curve Team,

As a matter of example, MCC 7999 is still not passed on. Please let me know when I can move all transactions with GBIT so I can receive my rewards on the targeted cards.

Please let me know when all MCC codes are expected to be passed on via both VPOS and POS terminals.

Was this passed through for you before #wirecardgate? if not, I doubt it will change.

Since MCC pass-through was introduced, Curve have manipulated MCC codes for some transactions, and refused to be transparent about which ones / why…

Yes, everything worked for me and was passed through, including mcc 7999. I had no issues with this before. I am aware these are being mapped continuously but still not all of them have been implemented. Still, it’s annoying to wait for this as I needs to split my transactions between curve and at least another card.

I second this request but for Edenred which is a worldwide operator of lunch vouchers and other benefits companies provide (e.g. monthly travel pass, etc) now in the form of prepaid Mastercards that only work with certain MCCs.

After the addition of Google Pay it’s the only thing I’m missing from Cuve and if the pass-through works it should be awesome although I can understand the GBIT can be tricky here, especially if a transaction made with card A is turned to Edenred/Sodexo which due to an incorrect MCC then rejects the transaction.

That’s indeed bad news if MCCs are not being passed through.

@Curve_Marie are you planning something around Edenred/Sodexo?

Edit: this was part of the support for prepaid cards (Edenred) but @Curve_Marie moved it here. It applies to both threads I would say but the impossibility to add those prepaid cards is still there.