No pin number

Hi I have not recieved a pin for my card is this something I can set up in options as I can’t use my card with it saying to insert it…


Account>Card Details>Card PIN

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Fantastic mate thank you. Next question any way to change it :joy:


How do I change my PIN?
Want to change your PIN? No problem!

You can change your PIN at any ATM that has the “PIN change” function. “PIN Change” is available on all ATMs that accept Mastercard® in most EU countries with exception of Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal and France.

If your local ATM doesn’t work, you can use the Mastercard® ATM locator to find a compatible ATM here.
When you change your PIN, make sure you choose a 4 digit PIN – Curve doesn’t support PINs that are longer than this.

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Thanks again you’ve been very helpful. :+1:


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