No refund to my card


I have loved Curve so far, that is until I had to obtain a refund for a card purchase. It has now been 6 working days since I was refunded but nothing is showing in the original credit card used to make the initial purchase.

The refund receipt says they are refunding my Curve card which is fine, but I assume they would then refund the actual card used?

Can anyone please shed some light on this as it actually puts me off using Curve for proper purchases of any real value if this is the hassle as a result!

Many thanks

Hey @Biggybigster - Welcome to the Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry to hear about the delay in receiving your refund. Could you confirm if you have messaged our support team for help with this? They should be able to get things sped up for you.

Have a great day!

Hi. Ive got a refund over 2 months ago. This is still not in my account. Does not even show in my timeline. So i wonder if it is a bug in the system that gets the transaction lost in between the curve card and the card used for the purchase?

Welcome to our Community, @Jere2431 Please contact our Support team so they can have a look at this for you. They’ll be able to have a look at your account and have an answer for you. Send them an email at :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes this refund issue is a complete mess with Curve, with no sign of it getting any better, even after months of promises that they are searching for a resolution.

I am still waiting for a refund from Debenhams that was processed in store on the 1st January…it is now the 10th.

Time and time again, Curve keep proving that they are incapable of operating a trouble-free financial product and people will just get fed up and stop using Curve.

Why bother with a product when it’s more hassle to use, than not, especially when the market is now saturated with financial products…products that run a lot smoother than Curve.

Why use the troublesome middleman when it clearly would be less stressful just to use the underlying card in the first place?!!

I am having the same issue, i was refunded £20.00 on 30th December 2019. Still not had a refund into my account yet, contacted Curve Support and they just shrugged me off to the merchant, Which is a bit of a kick in the teeth considering im a Curve Metal user and i am giving them money on a monthly basis.

So im still skeptical on whether to continue using curve either unless its for perishables like food and drinks and activities.

Hey @jamesj015

The Curve Support team would only ask you to contact the merchant if they haven’t received the refund from the merchant at this point in time. If you have trouble with the merchant, you can use the Curve Customer Protection and raise a dispute.

When contacting the merchant (by email so you have the contact on record), it would be helpful to request the ARN which is the number that can be used to locate the refund on the system.

I had a refund issue and it was credited within a few days. No problems. If it hasn’t appeared suggestive as recommended above and contact support. When I raised non receipt of Cashback issue with them they responded quickly - and credited the Cashback. Send them a mail.

Have the same problem- a refund that has disappeared

Exactly. And now when curve make the refund again all the sudden alot of fraud atempts is being made on my card. Plus the refund disappears again. So now i have canseld my card and all cards connected to it.

I Will update here if anything changes

Den mån 13 jan. 2020 12:55Martin via Curve Community skrev:

I’ve had a few issues with refunds lately but only when I switch cards between the original transaction and the refund (see Refunds messed up when switching cards). Could this be the same issue people are having here?


I have the same issue, I always use my Curve Card for Purchases. Last week I returned an actual retail store purchase which I bought for 350 Euros!

I contacted the support but didn’t get an answer yet. I‘m starting to worry if the refund will be credited back to my account as I couldn’t register any payment on my bank account. Could you please clarify on this?


Update: Curve Support has reacted quickly and even though I didn’t get a message, the amount was credited in the app immediately.

Waiting for it to show up on my bank account now.


curve has an issue here which it refuses to acknowledge. I would never use curve for a transaction that I might want refunded

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My wife got a refund by PayPal January 8th and no money was given back up to now.

I have written to Curve Support chat and I guess it would be solved, but I’m really worried about this issue, moreover thinking of how much money is still blocked by many curve users that unknow this problem.

This is a pity, as this is one of the key points for a fintech that tends to be a strong player in this big world.

Curve should be serious and must solve this asap. It’s a priority.


Yes, it should work fully automatically.


Same issue here. Got refund back to curve but refund still not showing in my original bank account that curve took the money from. Been very happy user of Curve but THIS issue with refund is very basic functionality of financial service product . If this is not working i’m not so sure what is curve good for. Anyway, contacted support and waiting now to see what will they do . Hopefully there is a quick resolution.

Did your refund come 5 working days ago? If not then you need to wait 5 working days to get the refund processed.

Hi All, quick update. I had a call logged with Curve support. Was contacted by a very helpful support person and next day refunded money was in my primary bank account. very positive experience