No reply for a long time

I’m trying to close my account with Curve but there’s simply no response in app after over a week. I followed up 3 days ago and nothing still.

How can I proceed with account closure?!

Hey there,

Unfortunately we can’t check your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you!

It’s best to get in touch with the support team through your app or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

Alternatively, you can use the form on the support website to redirect your query to the correct team:

Please do let us know how you’re getting on! :slight_smile:

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All you can do is wait. Support times are realistically more like 7-21 days, not 3-5 as they claim in the app. It’s been this way for at least a year with no sign of improvement.

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Email they have always responded within a day or so.

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