No reply from CS on a chargeback

Found the chargeback process appalling.

Kept being asked the same details and I now haven’t had a reply at all on my last 6 messages which I’ve requested since April.

What’s going on?

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I personally think it is good that you share your story and concern here. Clearly it is unacceptable to let a customer wait four months for a reply. That is not the way things should be handled!

Unfortunately, no one here on the forum have access to tour account and you will not get an answer here. Even Curve’s own employees will ask you to be patient and to - again - email their customer service team, since they are the ones with access to your account.

I can imagine a refund from the old time when Curve was still Wirecard, will be complicated. Don’t give up but be - very - patient!

Standard Curve escalation procedure required here I’m afraid.

Open new ticket, state it’s a formal complaint now and state clearly what you expect them to do. If they ignore that for 8 weeks, refer to Ombudsman. Make it clear in the new ticket that’s what you’ll do.

That’s not good at all. @Curve_Marie Can anything be done to speed up the process?