No reply from Curve after 2 weeks🤔


I messaged Curve back in July (July 21st) regarding Curve-cash points not going on and I was told that it was because the merchant didn’t match so it couldn’t do it automatically and to just send my receipts to the thread and the points would be added manually.

I’ve since sent 3/4 receipts (with another one I’m about to send), the first receipt I sent was credited, but none of the others and I’ve heard nothing at all since July 27th and even though I can see all my messages in the thread I’ve not even received the email that says they’ve received your message.

Can someone from the Curve team please reach out?

Also, has anybody here had the same issue and managed to get the merchant added? They’re an Aldi store but come up on Curve as the store number instead of ‘Aldi’ , I shop there quite a bit these days as it’s less busy than the mainstream supermarkets, so it would be ideal to get it added into Curves system rather than constantly sending copies of the receipts.

Thank you for any advice!

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Just create one ticket for each receipt.

It happens, not unique for Curve, that support is lazy and do not read the full message. They may not be fully aware that there sre multiple receipts.

So just create one ti ket for each receipt, then it will be easy for support to see it and fix one by one.

Help them help you!

I have this problem regularly as one of my Cashback merchants is a French supermarket and the last three letters are missing from their till receipts. Normally once a month I scan all the receipts that have not been credited and send them to the Curve Support team in a suitable worded email. Cashback is credited (slower recently due to Co-Vid 19) but invariably within 24-48 hours without fail.