No response for disputed transactions

I disputed 2 payments to BA and have not heard back from curve:)

good luck lol you might wait 4 weeks for a reply

Really I have already waited a week, why so long?

I know that very often complaints about responses from Curve, Support specifically the quality and time taken to respond, are aired on this forum, usually unfavourably. Just for a sense of balance, I would like to say that whenever I have contacted support (I always use the email address I have always received excellent service, usually with two or three working days. I have found that an email, with a thorough explanation of the issue accompanied by copies of documentation where required produces a prompt (and usually favourable) response. Just thought I’d put that out there.

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That’s fine but I have had to submit a Google form for a payment dispute and have contacted the in app chat and not yet got a response. Usually they are very good. But not on this one topic!


once a dispute has been sent, the merchant has 45 days to reply to the dispute case which cannot be skipped only if your purchase is covered by Curve‘s Purchase Protection.

As soon as the merchant replied Curve will evaluate the given response from the merchant and makes a decision.

The response can contain delivery/shipping proof as example or a statement from the Merchant TOS that refunds are not granted in this specific case.

@Dustin the issue here is not about merchants (we know that they have their time), is about the Curve Team responding in cases of disputes.

Usually Curve support is good, but in terms of the disputes it is taking extra long. And even with reminders it is a nightmare.

In my case it took me a few weeks to get the dispute opened and filed - despite the fact I’ve provided all the information and documents in the first message. Your colleagues were super slow in replying (up 2 weeks) and asking questions without checking that they have answers already for.
And once it was filed, Curve Team had merchants reply and was waiting till the last moment to share it with me. And later on 2nd dispute… all in all Curve Dispute Team has not enough of resources.

At the end I’ve got refund, but the Curves Disputes Team has extended that process at least by 1,5 month.

And I will tell one thing: Cuvre protection doesn’t exists anymore. In the past it was (and I had benefited from that), now unfortunately it is just empty marketing promise - support is escaping from questions related to that.

This is super bad experience I’ve had with Curve. I’m a metal user for some time (I should have good support, a protection mentioned on the website), but I’m afraid to use Curve card in online transactions after that situation.

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How do I check if my dispute has been filed?

They will send you confirmation that the dispute has been filed.
There is no other way (from what I understand), and you need to speak (write) with Disputes Team about it via general support email.

Ok I filled out the online form but have had no response

I had the same problem. Once you fill in the form, somebody from the Disputes Team needs to follow up. In my case, it took 2 weeks. They firstly asked me to try to resolve the issue with the merchant (and in the initial form and files, I’ve proved that I was trying to fix the issue for more than 3 weeks). Later on, after your reply (in 1-2 weeks) they will submit the chargeback.

You can try general e-mail for support - they can send reminders to the Disputes Team.