No response from customer support


i send few emails both to and but got no response,
how can i contact you regarding my issue ?

Did you get an automated reply to your original request? If you didn’t for some reason it didn’t make it into their system.

I find the best way is to go into their app, select Account > Report a Problem and send your message through there. It’ll go straight into their system, you’ll get an email autoreply and any replies will to go your email as well as I think a support ticket area in the app somewhere.

Although the in-app support ticket system was broken for months (on Android at least) - sending emails should have done the same thing. Worth checking spam, quite unusual not to have an auto-reply. Obviously if getting nowhere then there’s the number on the back of the card.

I’m having the same problem yesterday and today. I got replies concerning one matter, but not to a separate thread concerning another matter, despite chasing up the latter.

Oh! Seems to work fine for me but then I’m on iOS.

Just to check…you emailed the support address at right? That’s the address that’s frequently given out on the forum. is the address the support emails originate from, in case that helps the OP search spam, etc.

It is, but @curve_marie usually quotes as the support email.

It’s normally that’s quoted (50+ mentions in forum, vs 6 for (4 excluding this thread). I think they all go to the same place anyway though :wink:

I’ve been waiting over 48 hours for a response to a simple question, and Curve support have neglected to respond, despite my chasing them up four times. As a metal customer paying £150 per year, this is not good enough.

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Hey there! That’s unusual you didn’t receive any response. Please indeed try going to your Account > Report a Problem in the Curve app, also check your spam folders as you should receive a reply saying the email has been acknowledged. Failing that, there is an emergency number on the back of your Curve card! :slight_smile: