No response from Live Chat or via email to support, where do I go next to get help?

Pretty much as the title said, no response in live chat for over 36 hours, no response from email support, despite a generic ‘we’ll respond in 24 hours’, so where do I get help, since neither of the help channels are in anyway helpful?

Hello there,

We don’t have access to your account here on the Community so unfortunately we can’t investigate these issues for you here.

The support team are getting a lot of messages right now so they’re taking a bit longer than usual to reply. If you’re currently waiting on a response and it’s been more than 24 hours then I’d recommend sending a DM to @AskCurve on Twitter or Curve’s Facebook page.

As I said, I have reached out to the support team, twice, so are you telling me I need to now reach out a further third and fourth time? That seems a lot to get a response to me. I waited for live chat to respond for 16 hours, I’ve then waited a further 24 hours for an email response. It’s not really good enough.

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Please see my thread Distinct lack of support - General Chat - Curve Community

However support is always slow, and poor. So good luck

Thank you, I’ll have a look.

Hello @Dystgsmh,

i have checked your thread you posted about your issue. Could you dm the social media team on twitter @AskCurve they can check and solve your issue or re-prioritize it.

That would be the fastest way to solve your issue.