No response to unauthorized payment report

i reported an unauthorized payment for a small amount last night. Everything filled out and screenshots from the app sent. so far no one has reported. I’m disappointed that fraud has such a long response time. my trust in curve is dwindling and diminishing.

Hey! First off, please make sure that your Curve card is blocked in the app to prevent any further risk to your account.
Due to fraud being a sensitive issue, fraud concerns are only handled by our specialist fraud team who monitor new cases overnight to respond to emergencies but have official work hours between 9 am-6 pm GMT. I guarantee you’ll receive a response to help with this issue today! Please let me know if I’m wrong so I can investigate this internally for you. :grin:

thank you very much for your words. Blocking the card was the first thing I did after finding out. I’m very curious to see if anyone is really going to get in touch today. thank you for your comforting words.

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You’re very welcome and please do let me know if you hear back today as promised. This is the response time we would expect for an issue like this and if you don’t hear back then I’ll investigate why this is the case so your feedback can help processes to be improved.

The support has reported.
They refunded me the amount and want to send me a new card.
I hope this gets to me quickly.
I am so very happy that you resolved this so smoothly.
Many many many thanks to Curve support


Great news, @mahima112- thanks for the update! :raised_hands: