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I tried to setup Samsung Pay but couldn’t because I didn’t receive the text to verify my card. I then noticed when I used the Curve app and made changed to my details like a phone number or email it sends a text to verify the changes. Again no SMS. My phone is working, I am getting texts from a number of places so I know its not my phone. Is anyone else getting this?

Also how do we get support? I raised a ticket via the app, I sent a tweet and nothing. I really liked the Service and used it a lot but I am close to ditching Curve because this lack of customer support is worrying.

Many thanks in advance

Hello Jon, welcome to the community!

Sounds like you’re having some strange bugs with Samsung Pay, and the curve app! I’ve successfully been able to change my mobile number in the past by contacting support, as you’ve said you’ve done.

They will get back to you within 24/48 hours, and I’m sure they’ll fix it for you!

Exactly the same situation but with Garmin Pay. Support asked for my number then ghosted.

Not a great look :roll_eyes:

Did you get this working? Ive tried to add it to my garmin pay and cant get a it to send me a text for the verification code.

I’ve got this problem too… Garmin Connect app now saying ‘no available verification methods on file’ after repeated attempts to get an SMS sent.

No SMS in response to trying to change mobile number either from within the Curve app.

Disappointed , as there could well be an urgent need to login (to change a card for example), and this might be needed to do so.

Haven’t contacted support yet, as no doubt they’ll say “it’s only been 3 hours”… seriously… who waits more than a few mins for a text to arrive!

So I had this problem, solved it now but one of two things caused the issue:

  1. For some reason curve stopped sending verification codes to my number, or
  2. Curve didn’t like that I only put 7********* rather than 07********* in my number. (I did this because it had the +44 prefix in the app, it worked to verify my number but not to register it on Google / Garmin pay)

I tried changing my number to put the 0 in front but it didn’t work, probably because that was perceived as the same number.

Solution was to change my number in the app to my girlfriend’s number (with the 0 in front), she got the text fine, then I cancelled and changed it to my number with the 0 in front. Now registered on Garmin and Google fine.

So either that allowed me to change my number, or that never mattered and sending a verification to a new number kick started it in to working again. Be interesting to see if you guys put your number in without the 0 too.

Oh one more thing to mention, you’ll probably have to take the card off Garmin Pay and re-add it after changing your number, I got the ‘no available verification methods’ message too until I did.


Brilliant thanks FTheK. This worked for me when trying to get Google Pay to send me an SMS. I had to use another number as you did then change back to my number with a 0 in front. The Curve app removes the 0 when you go back to it anyway but it seemed to make the texts work again. In Google Pay it hides your mobile number e.g. #########999 and i noticed i had 7 # before i added the 0 and now there are 8.

How can I do this when I have access to only one number? Can support send the verification sms themselves as I do not have access to another number. And I will not get a pay as you go just for this which is curves fault. Trying to add Samsung pay or Google pay and never get the sms.

Thank you very much, it worked also for me.

Hey @Schnuupi, welcome to the community!

Any family member/friend who could help to avoid you having to get another SIM? Otherwise get in touch with support, they’ll be happy to help!

Apple Pay adds through the app and no need to get a text :slightly_smiling_face: don’t know why there is problems. I have curve card on Apple Pay on two devices the second device had to be deleted and re-added to the device as it said card issuer suspended use of card when curve hasn’t i added again it worked fine

Brilliant solution! Worked for me using a second SIM I had.

Be good if Curve could include a reminder in the initial sign-up process to include the zero on your number to avoid this happening. I like you assumed with the +44 I could drop the zero and having received Curve’s own SMS verification I assumed everything was ok - until I got to the Google Pay sign up.

Anyway, all sorted now - thanks for the tip.

I registered only to thank you.

i cannot believe that it works…

I changed the number to other (with 0 prefix) and then back to my number (with 0 prefix) , with re - register the card to google pay

many thanks and “What a BUG”

So guys,

I also had this issue with not receiving the verification SMS.
I did what FTheK suggested (thanks, btw :-), except, that I didn’t bother with adding the extra 0 in front of my phone number (to tell you the truth, I didn’t really understand at all where that 0 should have been put anyway, since my mobile number doesn’t have any 0s in it, nor does my country or area code). I simply changed my phone number in the Curve app to another mobile number, verified that, than changed back to my original mobile number (without the 0, as I said) and verified it again in Curve. Then I had Google Pay send me the verification code again and this time the SMS arrived in a second. Hurray.


I ask the mobile network if there’s a reason why a text doesn’t arrive straight away well this is what I was told sms was set up when phones just done calls and if the message came within 48 hours it is classed a success there is no need to be any quicker as it was designed as better way to send a message to someone than leaving a voicemail when you didn’t get someone on the phone and text messages are still regarded same as day the launched the networks don’t think they are important enough to call them instant messages yet

It’s poor to see that this issue still hasn’t been fixed.

I registered a community account just to express my disappointment that after a year this is still an existing problem… Many people won’t complain about it - they will just accept that it didn’t work, and just won’t use Curve.

I first had this issue about a year ago, when I tried to register my card on Google Pay. I found this thread and used the workaround that FTheK detailed above. So thank you FTheK!

I have now arrived back at this thread, after trying to add my Curve card to my work iPhone…

When I tried to add the card to Apple Pay, I again wasn’t receiving an SMS. So I had to repeat the workaround - It’s something like Google pay expect the number to be +447 and apple pay expect it to be +4407 (I can’t remember which way I got it to work)…

It’s not just me that has this problem: My girlfriend also had the issue, and also a friend I recommended to Curve - I pointed them both to this forum thread to fix it.

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