No transactions in transaction history

Hi. Do you have any problems with transaction history in curve app today ? My transactions are not visible but they went through. Bank card has been debited. Also my two usual online transactions have been declined today for some reason. Iny ideas ?

Yes. Not showing. I already contacted support and they replied:

Funnily enough, given the other issue currently ongoing with duplicate/erroneous transactions I’ve just sat and trawled through all of mine and have found 2 from yesterday showing on my credit card but not Curve.

Amazing, that’s a second issue they’re clearly aware of but not actually making customers aware of!

There is one more issue already mentioned by me. My usual online payment transaction is getting declined for some reason. I have tried two times already. No answer about the reason from Curve support

Hey guys, this issue has since been resolved. See here: Weird authorisations behaviour. If you’re still experiencing issues it’s best to contact the support team at!