No transactions showing in the Curve app

Hey guys!

I’ve recently referred my partner to Curve and she is loving it at the moment.

She has used the card and Apple Pay a few times and I went to show her the “Go Back In Time” feature but to my surprise - she had no transactions what so ever on the Curve app?!

We checked the current accounts that curve was using and we can see the money has gone out and checking the daily limit in the curve and we can see that’s updated to reflect what’s been sent today.

Can anyone suggest upon what to do? Deleted the app and tried reinstalling but no luck.

Any advice would be appreciated.

How old are these transactions? Normally they show up immediately, but every now and then some users seem to experience some delay (most recent one below).

If the delay is already multiple days, I would advise to contact Curve support.

Hi @Kiemcc21 would you be able to share which app version your partner is using? If you navigate to the My Money / Timeline view you can try pull to refresh to update transactions as well


I can confirm it’s V 3.7.9

IPhone 11 Pro Max on the latest IOS.

I’ve tried to pull but nothing happened sadly :frowning:

Hi, recently started using Curve. I see transactions by Curve card in Apple wallet, but they don’t appear in Curve application. I have the latest version of IOS and Curve application. Reinstalling the application did not help. Any advices how to solve the issue?

Since there is a fix for this in the latest iOS beta version I suppose this fix will come to the ‘normal’ iOS version soon.

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I noticed following behaviour in my Curve iOS application. If I open Curve push notifications about transactions - these transactions are saved in the application and visible under underlaying cards and in My Money Timeline. However, if I wipe push notifications from the screen without opening them - those transactions are not visible in the application. It looks like there is a bug in the application.