No updates about the Swag Pack

Hi there,

I’m a new investor from latest crowdfunding from Crowdcube.
A couple of months I filled up the form for the Swag Pack to be received by September, and it’s October but I haven’t received any updates so far, any Team leader could give me some updates on this.


Me too - I’d appreciate an update. Thanks

Hey there, sorry to hear you haven’t received your swag packs yet!

Please be assured that all swag packs have begun being sent out and you should receive them soon! We’ve had reports that some swag packs have been held up at customs. If you’re concerned this might be you then let our support team know so they can resolve this for you there. :raised_hands:

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Hi Joel, I live in London so I shouldn’t face any customs issue. And I even find disrespectful that someone in Finland (to name a country) get their pack before I do, for the only fact that delivering in London should be easier and faster… if they are being produced here of course

Hi, I am in India currently - and had ordered it here to coincide with my travels.
I am here till next week, and if it is not delivered before that, is it possible to route it to Paris, where I currently reside?

Yes, can confirm. Also no package anouncement here in Switzerland. Normally delivery is very fast here.


Considering that Curve usually needs no less than one week (and usually, in my experience, about 20 days) just to answer to a support request (even a ‘priority’ one), I believe you can just hope you will receive it somewhere. Asking support to route it to Paris could probably end in them answering after the package has already been delivered in India.

In Glasgow and got my swag yesterday, i got it for being part of beta curve credit. Got 2 pairs of socks, a cap and a webcam clip to cover the lense when needed

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Hey again! If you’re yet to receive your swag pack then the fastest way to find out why this may be is to discuss the problem directly with our support team. They can discuss all shipping details used with you there.

Hi Joel,
Thanks for the info. How can I get in contact with the Support Team? - Still haven’t got any news about my Swag Pack. :confused: :no_mouth:

Several options:

Email (
Contact form
Twitter (@AskCurve)

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Thanks, will try this now :wink:

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Did any of you that complained received that investor swag in the end? It is December and I still didn’t receive anything. Any info?

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