No where to enter Mobile verification code

Im trying to activate my new Card. but when I enter the last 4 digits of the card to do that, it tells me I need to verify my mobile number. However I can’t see anywhere in the app where I need to enter the verification code Curve have just sent to me?
Any ideas?

Not sure if this works, but you might try to verify your phone number before trying to activate your card. Are you on iOS or Android?

Thanks for replying . I’m on iOS. Do you know whereabouts the verification code needs to go within the app? I’m not getting any prompts on where it needs to go

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I am on Android. And I have activated my card and verified my phone number long time ago.

I can imagine you can not see the place where it needs to go, because you are not in a dedicated step/proces for verifying your phone number. In the support pages I have read that in order to activate your card you should already have a verified phone number. That is why I suggest to first verify your phone number, before trying to activate your card.

Maybe you can post some screenshots?

thank you for offering to help
Here is the screen shot

Thx for this screenshot. This is the screen that tells you you need a verified phone number to be able to activate your card (this condition can also be found in the support pages).

But how does the screen look like where you make the app send you the phone number verification code? I suppose this is a different screen?

Hello @julian1208 and welcome to the community :wave::smiley:

This will require some investigation and looking into your account. Please reach out to Customer Support who has the system access and expertise to help you out, you can reach them in-app or via

You could try to delete the app and re-install it to be prompted to verify your phone number. If that doesn’t work out, please include a screenshot of what you see in the app in your message to Customer Support :slight_smile:

this has been resolved