Non functional Go Back in Time

Whole our family has a problem with Go Back in Time feature (GBiT). Any transaction cannot be moved. The app message is “Timeout” for GBiT. Certainly, payments are under £1000 and in right timeframe (up to 14 days after the payments). We have different Curve cards (standard and commercial), different phones with different Android versions, and until recently also different Curve app versions (now all versions are 2.14.8 as we have tried to resolve a problem by app update). The support team refers that their engineers are currently investigating the issue (but this last for about 2 weeks), and that only few customers are affected. Is there anybody out there having the same problem? Is there anyone for whom it has been resolved?

IMPORTANT: If you are affected, please do not try to remove and re-add any of your funding cards as it would not be allowed. You can stay without your main credit out of Curve app, and you would not be able to add it back. This is what happens to me after I read this forum where it is recommended as solution (Unable to Go Back In Time).

Hey @Marek, Welcome to our Community!

As support has noted that there is a bug that has impacted a small group of Curve customers regarding adding their card back to their account. They are working to put a fix in place so that you’ll be able to add the card back successfully.

The steps that were suggested do work for correcting the GBiT issue for those that are unaffected by the bug that you’ve experienced in this instance.