Not able to remove card

Did anyone ever had a problem like this ? I am unable to remove a card … I was asked to remove a card by support as I have some issues with card designs but unfortunately I am unable to remove some cards :frowning: I am facing bugs after bug and as a Metal customer this is frustrating .

Probably worth uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that helps, if that doesn’t help you’ll need to go back to support again I’m afraid to see if they can solve it!

Already tried . Did not help…

Ah - back to support is all I can suggest them I’m afraid!

@Jes @Curve_Marie anyone ? I mean bug after bug start to be a mess … Already wrote to support already delete and reinstalled the app… No real communications with customers …

Hey :slight_smile: we won’t be able to access your account here so contacting support is your best bet! What time did you raise a ticket?