Not able to verify cards

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
No 3ds prompt for adding a new card in the Curve app, only asks for CVC over and over again. 3DS push from underlying card is initiated, but not possible to enter in the Curve app since it asks for CVC again

How to reproduce it:
Adding a new card and trying to verify it

OS: Android

App version: 3.16.0

Screenshot: not permitted by Curve settings to take a screenshot



can we please make this a priority to get this fixed? Until then some users are not able to add any new cards to Curve!

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I can confirm this bug is only on Android. Used my account on an ipad and could verify the same card.

Hey @Lucas, sorry for missing this topic when you first created it. Are you still being affected by this bug?

Yes, not working on android, only possible to verify cards with Apple devices.
Other users are also affected, see: Unable to authorize new card in application

So is it possible to verify the Kreditcard on an apple Device an then integrate it in the Android Device?

Yes. Once a card is added to your Curve account, its added on all devices.

It’s October and the issue still exists.

Btw, I can’t understand the “it affects only a small number of customers”. What’s a small number? Are those customers unimportant?

Curve, this is the complete opposite of being customer obsessed.