Not All Heroes Wear Pants

Thanks for your response, should I take that to mean ‘yes, we’ve closed the campaign and will be paying out in the (very) near future?’

@Hannah nearly 3 weeks have passed - can we have an update, please? It strains credibility to suggest that Curve/Mastercard can’t just pay the money to the charities - so why are you still sitting on it?

Surely someone between you and Mastercard can get that money to the charities before Christmas? Covering the 6% fee would be a drop in the ocean of all those £10 Amazon cashback rewards you’re handing out too…

If this isn’t paid by the end of the year, I will ask the Fundraising Regulator to investigate.

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Hey Dan, I can assure you that we’re not sitting on any money.

WorldCoo process the donations for this campaign and we’re in talks with both them and Mastercard about this. It’s taking longer than expected but we all have the best interest at heart here, which is to get the amount raised to the charities as quickly as possible. I’ll update you as soon as I know more.

Hey @DanG, I wanted to let you know that the money raised was sent to the charities at the end of December!