Not getting curve cashback because of mismatching merchant name

English is not my native language. Having said that, let me explain the issue.

Hi there, I just upgraded to Curve metal and I must say I’m a bit disappointed because my main reason was getting cashback buying groceries and so far I didn’t get any.

I understand that the reason is merchant names: I selected SPAR and Coop as my groceries retailers, but the two supermarkets I shop at, they show a custom merchant name when paying by card: “es1” is SPAR and I think “es” stands for “EURO SPAR”, and “supermercato superstore” is Coop.

Let me say that having an actual partnership between Curve and the retailers would be infinitely better, and this merchant name thing is lazy and obviously doesn’t work 100% of the time while an actual partnership would allow Curve to know that the retailer is correct even if the name is different. I understand an actual partnership is more complicated and probably expensive though.

What am I supposed to do now? Do I have to contact Curve customer support every single time I shop at these retailers and forward them my receipts? Any chance they can add these custom merchant names to their database so I don’t have to contact them dozens of times per month? I actually have hopes for SPAR supermarket since their merchant name is a quite specific one: “es1 address of supermarket” and can’t be mistaken for something else; different story for Coop, since “supermercato superstore” is very generic and I can totally see other supermarkets having the same nomenclature, even non-Coop ones.

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At some point Curve adds the alias of the merchant to the Database. I had this issue with McDonalds. Our stores in Germany don’t display McDonald’s they show the franchise holder company or/and McD* but Curve fixed this by adding McD.

You can send an email to Curve regarding this issue with proof that this card descriptor/statement is used by the cashback merchant and they maybe add it.


Ciao @Filo_ITA,

Ti rispondo in italiano, ebbi lo stesso problema con “KFC” dopo che inviai l’email al supporto, risolsero.


@FlareCO Hello and thanks for your reply. Yes I am aware of the Italian section, I posted here for the added visibility. I already contacted them, let’s hope they actually add these aliases instead of forcing me to send them tons of receipts.

@Mattia ciao, in che modo risolsero? Aggiunsero la stringa mancante al loro database o ti accreditarono il cashback una tantum?

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All’inizio mi aggiunsero il cashback manualmente… dopo qualche giorno, funzionò da solo

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