Not getting rewards

Yesterday, I finally chose the 3 retailers. After that went shopping in one of them, but no reward was given.

Anyone else with this problem too?

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

In that case you’ll have to contact Curve’s customer service team via the following email address and let them know the above and they’ll add it manually to your account.

Alternatively you can contact them via the Curve application.

Thanks for your question

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Distributing Curve Cash is made based on retailers name in the transaction description. Sometimes retailers don’t show their name correctly and then Curve Cash isn’t distributed automatically :dizzy_face: - you then have to contact Curve customer support :phone: with copy of the receipt. :page_facing_up: And sometimes it works vice versa - e.g. when you have “Tesco” (grocery) selected as one of the retailers, you also receive Curve Cash with retailer “Tescoma” (accessories for kitchen)… :money_mouth_face: