Not possible to add a Revolut mastercard to my new curve account

please a need the help…


A few days ago i wanted to activate my new curve account.
However, I encountered several problems.
When I created the account on the last tab i added my
Visa Prepaid card (Slovenian) from Intesa Sanpaolo bank

Curve APP returned error, that the card could not be added. Afterwards i tried to add the Mastercard from the Revolut account but the problem remained the same.
Now when I open the app i only get one window with request to add CVV of the selected card and i cannot proceed nowhere. (See Pictures). If i try to readd Revolut card i get an error »temporaly not possibile to add card«

I tried to delete the application, reinstall it but when I log in with my email address I get to this window again with request for CVV.

look the picture.


This is a user community, for help (regarding a specific account) please contact customer support by email ( or Twitter (@askcurve).

If I’m not wrong prepaid cards are not supported by Curve. :no_entry: If you have older Revolut card, then it might be prepaid as well. Generate new virtual card (or request new physical card) in Revolut app as new(er) Revolut cards are standard debit. :credit_card:

I have a MasterCard, visa from revolut
With the label prepaid
Works with no problem

Realy ?? 🤦😭🤦😭
how to do it.??
nothing works for me.

I have the same problem, support fight with it for one month. Dramat. Greetings from Poland.

Just added it

Difference is that you are an existing customer with a working account, with already couple of cards added to it and @markolino is a new customer, who hasn’t been able to add a single underlying card and who receives all kind of (error) messages. He will need Curve customer support to resolve the issue.

Hi guys a resolve my problem.
Thanks support center…

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