Not possible to pay for subscription after downgrade

Issue: (one-sentence summary)

Asked support to downgrade Metal → Black which worked fine.
Now I’m unable to pay for Black plan, “payment failed”. There’s no attempts shown at the card issuer.
Tried two cards which both works fine as underlying cards for the day to day transactions.
There’s also no charge amount displayed anywhere during the process.

Nice way for Curve to loose customers as it’s not possible to subscribe :slight_smile:

How to reproduce it:

Tap Pay now on Your Black plan.



App version:

3.71.0 (33776)

Finally got a reply.
Support asked me to downgrade to standard so that I can upgrade again from scratch as a workaround. Which also means issuing a new card, seems they’re lacking the developers to fix the bugs.

I’ll probably be leaving when my subscription expires if this is the only way