Not received free night - IHG Premium card

To other IHG Premium premium card holders, has anybody else gotten their free night this year where eligible? Mine was fully earned in January and still no sign, with 3 phone calls to creation customer service since all saying it’s coming…!

Reward night is only credited on/around anniversary even if you hit the 10k target before anniversary

Or you mean you did not get it after anniversary?

My anniversary was January, I hit the 10k spend sometime around August of 2020. I phoned them in March, May and again today, but no luck as yet.

I got mine the day after anniversary date. Just in case, it’s issued in IHG Reward Club webpage not via Creation webpage.

Yeah, it’s the IHG rewards club site that I check, unfortunately it hasn’t appeared!

Hi there. This has happened to me two years running. The team at IHG were really helpful. Called IHG rewards each time and added the reward night. Don’t bother emailing Creation, they don’t appear to care!

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Thanks, I’ll give that a go!

I got mine recently (about 6 months post meeting criteria) after heavy spending through curve, so should be all OK