Not received my New card

Please can someone help as I honestly don’t know what else to do.
Renewal card supposedly sent on 2th June. The card arrived after about 3 weeks while I was away in Mallorca but due to correspondence with curve (very slow) they’ve cancelled that card and supposedly sent another but as yet nothing has arrived and communication between me and curve has now completely stopped. Current metal expires at the end of the month. It’s been a total shambles. All I want is to just speak to someone on the phone.

Maybe you can try to call the number at the back of your current card. Otherwise I guess that best you can do would be to contact them through twitter (not sure they will be able to help but it’s the only way to not wait 10/15 days before getting an answer)

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To reach them on Twitter please go to @AskCurve

Well I tried Facebook messenger earlier on and literally 2 minutes after someone replied I got a call from them so it’s been resolved. For now and hopefully my new card arrives soon.
If they only had a number that you could ring they wouldn’t have half the issues as mine personally started off as a card not arriving and just escalated due to different people dealing with it and it taking several days between replies too.

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I’m extremely pleased that everthing in the end has all worked out.

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Or just have a decent support delay such with in app chat such as Revolut, N26 and all other fintech that consider their customers :neutral_face:

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