Notification Control on a Per-Card Basis

Just a quick idea of being able to toggle notifications on a per card basis. I love Curve’s instant notifications, but when Monzo, Starling and Tandem all provide instant notifications getting two for every spend is annoying.

But I don’t want to disable Monzo’s notifications as spending isn’t the only useful notifications they send, nor do I want to disable all of Curves for the same reason. So just like with email notifications, can we get an option to disable notifications for individual cards?


I don’t get email confirmations as I turned each card off individually if that’s what you mean. I do get a notification when I spend like an instant notification on the front of my iphone

My idea was that, just like email notifications, there should be a toggle for push notifications on a per card basis.

Hope that makes the suggestion clearer. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a good suggestion. There’s also the problem just now that if you swipe away a notification (e.g., about a refund) then that’s it gone for good and you have to hunt through the timeline to try and work out what happened!


Here’s another example of why we need a way in-app to view recent notifications…

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Hi. Since my original post querying the downtime message I’ve been rooting around the app content again and I’ve actually managed to find where the notification information can be viewed again. As well as that there is also an in-app feature where users can sign up for notification alerts by various methods including text or email.

If you select the Wallet icon then the menu icon at the top left of the Wallet page another menu appears with several options including ‘Help &Support’.

Selecting that option gives you various options, one of which is ‘Live system status’. Scrolling down the status page displays live system status info and then below that the information I was after regarding the scheduled maintenance. It’s there at least but takes a bit of cumbersome navigation to get to that important service information.

At the top of that page there’s a blue ‘subscribe’ icon which gives you the option of signing up for alerts by text, email etc. I’ve signed up for alerts by text so, fingers crossed, that works the next time a status alert is issued :slightly_smiling_face:

Hoping the above info is helpful to some users out there.




Hi @Allan - can’t find that option in help & support on Android Beta. However I did find an option at the top right in h&s that shows all the tickets you have open with Curve that I don’t remember seeing before!

Perhaps this status bit could be made more prominent? Also still need a nice proper way of handling card notifications, partial refunds, etc. :slight_smile:

Hi @ediflyer

I should’ve made it clear I’m using the iPhone version. Thanks for the feedback and good luck with improvements in the Beta. :+1:

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I’m going to post things like statuses on the forums too :slight_smile:

hahaha you know what sort of status I meant :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree its little annoying to get notification from Curve and Revolut
Would be nice to disable one of them

Pretty sure you can turn Revolut off…?

But that mean i get no notification then i use my revolut card
For exchange currency and use them in the weekend to avoid weekend fees

Well you’d be able to use curves ones?

Both cards have benefits
Like have 1 card with all your cards

Set curve in the local currency, and use the money that are exchanged in the revolut account
And 1 overview over all your spending, in 1 app

I see
Not a big deal :grinning:

Yeah! I joined the community just to suggest this