Notifications via email not just phone based app

The notifications via the app are largely unreadable and not easy to find in the app, if at all, let alone in a timeline or linked to the card that had the issue.

Having had a recent replacement card there are time when it fails due to old curve expiry/security but as i cant read the app notifications and there is no email with explicit reason for failure im never sure if its the underlying card or the curve replacement issue.

Please can you add the failures to the apo as a message and not just a phone notification?

Also can failure notifications be emailed optionally to state for each correct card number attempt the reason for curve fail, ie card blocked by user, expiry wrong, sec digits wrong, address mismatch, pin wrong etc or system error!

Same for underlying card refused, supply the reason … expiry, sec, funds not available etc as all these are unusually available.


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Personally, I’d prefer Curve to simply have a ‘mailbox’ of notifications in the app to allow the review of the notification history.

I get too many emails already that I don’t think it would help at all to add notifications of downtime at obscure times of day into the mess :confused:


Look at my post up there!

Moved to Ideas to allow voting. Personally I’d like an in-app inbox too but (a) wouldn’t mind an email option that could be switched on/off (a bit like for the forums here) and (b) might be able to be quickly implemented as a stop gap…


Clearly an inbox in the app would be useful to monitor these things and review them, so definitely that would be an improvement … but providing the detail for each “notification” is critical to fix ongoing issues … like new curve cards, or new underlying cards !

However a user selection to have these notifications (maybe split based on reason) to be sent by EMAIL as well is key, especially when phone is off/dead, or when overseas … I really prefer emails so all my notifications are in one place rather than having 20 apps to click to see what each darn number / flag is hiding. Each user will have different preferences, so make it a user switch, just like the transaction email option! simple everyone happy, but certainly those who want more and want to monitor things can be empowered to do so in their preferred delivery method.

The more people discuss their views the better, especially what could be added to grouped to make such a feature extra useful for all.


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