Now required to sign receipt for Lidl merchant

After the Wirecard transition I used several times my card to pay on Self-checkout machine at the Merchant Lidl (in France) and it ask me, every time to sign the receipt which requires the operator to unlock the machine and made me sign.
Before that transition I wasn’t asked to sign the receipt and the payment experience was seamless.

Wow that’s really strange. I’m also in France but haven’t used my card at Lidl yet.

Were you trying to use chip & pin? Contactless?

Contactless it was, I will try using chip & pin next time.

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Hi @alexandre

The same thing has just happened to me at Picard using contactless with my metal card.

I’m going to email support.

Has this happened to you at any other shops? Or just Lidl?

I have used my investor card coupled with Google Pay at Picard on August, 13th without this issue.

I haven’t encountered this issue with another merchant.

To clarify is this on transactions above or below the contactless limit?

I’m not sure as I haven’t ever been prompted for exceeding the contactless limit. In any case, if it was above the limit, the terminal should prompt me to enter my pin or insert the card. Not ask for a signature.

I used the contactless card a few hours later at another merchant and was not prompted for a signature. So it seems to be a merchant / terminal specific issue.

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I only asked as if the terminal doesn’t support online PIN, the terminal would go down to the next verification method on the chip (signature) if above the no verification limit. Either way they need to update their POS as MasterCard no longer requires signature collection globally.

Ah that’s an interesting point as I haven’t seen any online PIN in France outside of ATMs of course. All of their cards are usually offline PIN preferred so maybe that’s what happened.

If ever I exceed the contactless limit when using my French card directly it prompts me to insert the card so that verifies the PIN offline I’m assuming.

It’s just strange that this has repeatedly happened to the OP at the same retailer. But maybe they just need to upgrade their POS like you said.

Yeah, some terminal don’t have the limit on them and rely on the limit stored on the card instead. If the card doesn’t have a limit stored on it for that currency the terminal might default to the next verification method (like online pin/signature). The advantage of this way is that if the contactless limit is raised, the merchant doesn’t need to update their terminals (as banks will update their cards via issuer script updating).

You kind of have the opposite in Canada, where merchants are free to set their own contactless limit above the $250 limit (and banks don’t put a limit on their cards) but they are then liable for any fraud on contactless transactions above that. Some stores like Costco, where you have to have a membership to signup (and show ID when you join) have much higher limits of $500 as fraud is obviously very low.

J’ai effectivement dû signer mes derniers tickets cb. La carte étant considérée comme anglaise, ça ne me choc pas. Mais cette signature est valable chez tous les commerçants.

I actually had to sign my last card tickets. The card being considered as English, that does not shock me. But this signature is valid for all merchands.