NS & I and Curve fronted

Hi all,

I am on the curve metal subscription, i have used curve fronted to pay one of my credit cards with another credit card so i know it works.

However, been trying to buy some bonds using a credit card on NS & I, it gets declined everytime.
Use 2 different underlying credit cards but still no luck.

Any suggestions ?


Double check your card doesn’t have “commercial” or “business” on the back, it probably doesnt but best to check.

My Curve card is commercial, and I successfully used it last month to buy thousands of Premium Bonds with a Miles & More Cornèrcard MasterCard as the underlying card.

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At least they work there then, some things can be so quirky with commercial card use.

it is definitely a personal one

Thanks for your replies, i think i will have to contact customer service for this.