NSI Not accepting my Curve card

I have the free curve card. Prior to getting the physical card my test payment went through and was refunded, I also bought £50 of premium bonds. Once I received the card itself I have tried to make further NSI purchases but each time it is declined with a message refer to Curve card supplier. I have mailed customer help several times but no response. Any help appreciated

Might be worth trying a different underlying card. Otherwise need to take it up with Curve Support I’m afraid.


it could be either you don’t have cuve fronted turned on, NSI doesn’t accept credit cards or curve without it being turned off.

hope it helps

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I assume curve with fronted on is allowed to be used to buy premium bonds?

I’ve had no issues with credit underlying.

Subject to your card holders views.

It is definitely allowed as i have used it multiple times to buy premium bonds.

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Only seems to work for personal cards and not commercial ones, regardless of Fronted.

It sounds like it works for personal credit cards fine too? (As long as you have Curve fronted on / If Metal, no charges either)?

Have you used a credit card?

Yes as I say personal OK but not commerical.

Hi @Booker, I am also on the free plan. My last successful payment to NS&I was a week ago then encountered the same problem as you. Did you manage to fix the issue?

I have been making regular payments to NS&I with my Curve for a while until a few days ago. Transactions got declined with the message “invalid card number”. I contacted NS&I and Curve, both said they did not block the transaction. I have found a couple of similar cases here before I submitted this topic:

Anyone any ideas, please?

P.S. no changes were made between the last successful payment and the first declined payment and my Curve still works for all other payments.

Do you have a personal or a commercial Curve card?

BIN databases are slow to update, so a commercial Curve card might be seen as a personal one for a while (and accepted) and might now correctly be seen as a commercial one (and rejected).

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NS&I have also recently changed payment processor which may have also been a factor.

@Hannah do you know what the state of play is meant to be? From Which transactions will Curve Fronted fees apply to? – Curve it looks like they should be accepted with Curve fronted activated?

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This may well be the reason. Just noticed that mine is commercial. Will Curve replace mine with a personal card for free?

If you mostly use the card for personal use you indeed can get a free personal Curve card to replace your commercial Curve card by contacting Curve support (by email: support@curve.app).

Many thanks. Will update if this solves the NS&I issue.

Change of status


Even my personal card

Bad news! Does this mean Curve is now banned by NS&I?

Looks like issue since they’ve changed payment processor, it works for debit cards but none of my credit :-1:t2:

Yes, I’ve tried a transaction this morning and got the decline too. Oddly, the transaction shows on the Curve app as processed even though I have decline from NS&I.

Had some other issues paying bills today as well. Have 2 different non-sterling credit cards linked to Curve. Payment declined by merchant on one card and then just swap over to the other card and worked fine. Both cards issuer by same bank - so no idea why decline on one card but not the other. Any thoughts?