NSI Not accepting my Curve card

Nothing much we can do now on our end. Hope Curve can find a fix soon.

I think it has something to do with this (the middle part) 3DS etc


Hey everyone, thanks for speaking about this! Our payments team are investigating the issue at the moment. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update.


Tried again this morning and it worked.

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With credit card / debit? I had some issues when tried hovering on 3DS circling motion?

Mine hoovers on


It worked on phone, but not online oddly :+1:

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Thanks for your feedback, will pass this on to our team!

Can you please let me know if you were attempting to make the payments using Google auto fill? If so, can you attempt the payment by entering your details manually instead and let us know if that works?

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Just bought premium bonds at NSI on HALIFAX VISA debit card via Curve, worked fine first time for me. Recently switched similar payment made on another debit card last month (heh heh!) and that was all good as well…

Issue resolved :+1:

Thanks for keeping everyone updated @Poynty :raised_hands:

I can confirm that this issue should be fixed now and cards working as normal again!


Same, I used it on phone. When it was declined I was on laptop. Both times same credit card as underlying card.

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Successful payment at 17:52
Commercial card
Chrome(entered card details manually)
Underlying card: credit

Thank you Curve for the quick fix!


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I have to reopen this

Tried NS&I and still issues if purchase online, only works over phone…

Using Safari browser - same card as before

I’ve been charged twice, it looks like it worked via email, but cannot see my bonds in account (so clearly some processing issues)

Update - I forced through via phone and 2 online by refreshing screen (buffering for 2 min) and it then redid it and went through, however caused delay on NS&I portal so not ideal!

Sorry to reopen this thread, but my card got declined by NS&I once again. But my partner’s card has no problem and the only difference is that I have the commercial version.

I mean mine was working fine last month, quite frustrated with the fix lasting less than a month. Anyone any ideas this time?

Nope, unfortunately seems to come up and down from day to day - seems to be linked to some 3DS errors reported in other threads too (Curve card transactions requiring 3D email/sms/app verification are failing - #19 by ediflyer). I’ve had errors at a variety of merchants and underlying cards over the past few weeks. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes not. Often the underlying card charged although then then cancels off/refunds within a week. Definitely not a reliable as previously though.

I tried today both on desktop and mobile with underlying credit and none worked :frowning:

Hi, this wasn’t working today. Any one else got it working recently? Thanks

Yes, last I used it 13th July and it worked fine.

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