Nu mi-am primit cardul inca si nu pot intra pe aplicatie

Am o problemă nu pot să comand cardul, ce trebuie să faci?

Hey @PredoiAlin, can you please provide a screenshot of your account tab in the Curve app? It’s possible that this is a bug and you’ll need to raise a ticket in the Curve app but we can check for any obvious issues here first too!

Uploading: 275027299_561764084941105_6058607192425094790_n.jpg…

nr meu pentru wapp nu ma lasa sa trimit …

[Edit PoelieV: removed private information; telephone number].

Hey there @PredoiAlin, it sounds like you’ll need to discuss this issue with our support team to resolve this issue since it seems like you haven’t passed registration yet.

The best way to get in touch with the support team at this stage is to email them at so that they can investigate this for you. Make sure to use the email you’ve begun creating your Curve account with so they can find you easier!

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