Number of virtual and physical Curve card are different

I wanted to report a problem. my virtual card has number while the physical card has another (it was sent to me after the first one was lost).
Ex virtual is 0123456789 and phisical 0987654321.
the problem is that I insert the final 4 numbers of the physical card, it does not accept them while those of the vital one. my question is … which of the two is to be considered valid? I don’t understand anything.
anymore help me please

What are you trying to do? Use details of physical card for any payment. If you had added virtual card to Google pay or Apple pay or any site please change to physical card details

No you don’t understand :sweat_smile: I write about curve card. The physic card and virtual card they should have the same identification numbers and not 2 different ones. do not consider the added cards but the curved card which, as mentioned, should have the same data both in physical and virtual. the real problem is precisely this … the virtual card ends with example 0123 while the physics with 3210 … it is not normal as what

Hey @Marcok87, now that your physical Curve card has arrived you should see an option in your app under the “My Curve” tab to activate this physical card. This will also automatically update the details of your Curve card in the app to match your physical Curve card. Make sure to update your payment details on any websites that you’ve saved your virtual card details with to avoid declines. :grin:

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Hi Joel, just got my physical card and did what you said but but the app didn’t update card information , please help.