Obsolete Currency

Curve should remove “LVL Latvian Lats” from currency selection for added cards.
“LVL Latvian Lats” is non-existant currency. Latvia transitioned to EURO in year 2014.

Also, when adding new card it offers “LVL Latvian Lats” as a “base currency” for that card. Could cause problems…

Just wondering. What would happen if I left LVL as card currency although my cards actual currency is EUROS. Against what would conversion be calculated if the currency (LVL) doesn’t exist anymore :smile:

Old conversion rate was 1LVL = 1.42288 EUR :joy:


I will review the currencies and LVL will definitely be removed. :sweat_smile:

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Issue acknowledged and to be resolved by @curve_tobias as noted above :slight_smile: