Obtain full 16 digit Google Pay virtual card number


Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain the full 16 digit virtual card number assigned by Google Pay? I need this to download some receipts for contactless travel on the Manchester Metrolink. The Google Pay app only offers the last 4 digits…

Have you tried entering your Normal card number?

It can be done through other android phone with NFC via app, one the these apps is:
Credit Card Reader NFC (EMV)

In it’s Settings remove “Hide card number”
Open app on second phone and touch at the back side the other device (phones/watch/wirst), you need last 4 digits of the cards PAN to unhide all data. (for tokenized card in Gooogle Pay app it is “Virtual account number”)

That worked, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Cho ,
I noticed you advised to use “Credit Card Reader NFC” to get Google Pay virtual card data.
Do you know if such extracted virtual card can be used in Curve?

Thanks and regards.

No, it gets only PAN (16 digits) and Expire MM/YY. *Pay tokenized virtual cards do not have CVV at all, required for online verification of card in Curve.