Odd Charges and Behaviour

There is a £235.09 Curve transaction on my credit card. I’ve not made a transaction for that value. Comparing my Curve App info to my CC statement, I see there are transactions showing in Curve but not on the CC - so it appears that Curve have merged several payments (from different vendors) into one.

However, I cannot make the numbers add up. Adding up all payments showing in Curve but not on my CC comes to less than the 235.09 figure they’ve taken and one of those payments was to Amazon, who have emailed me to inform me my transaction was declined.

I have absolutely no idea what Curve think they’re doing and I’m not sure they know either!

You should email support@curve.app to get this resolved quickly. They will sort out the transactions for you if there are any incorrect amounts taken from your credit card. It should not happen but maybe there was some system issue of some kind.

Thanks. I already have emailed them, but given it’s the weekend and I don’t know what their staff is like due to COVID, I’m not sure what their response time will be like.

There has definitely been some sort of issue. There’s around £100 charged to my CC that I cannot account for.

I’ve never experienced this sort of thing with Curve myself, closest is the opposite, with the likes of Expedia splitting admin fee and flight cost. Am sure support will be able to get to the bottom of it quickly, although as you say might not be until the start of next week.

Support has replied, so that’s a decent response time at least. They’ve requested more information.

I’ve been digging down into the details of this large transaction and the missing payments.

What seems to have happened is that for some reason, Curve merged multiple transactions from the 8th May (and early hours of the 9th) into a lump sum transaction. I might understand this if they were all for the same retailer, but that isn’t the case. Four different companies payments seem to have been merged into a single lump. Ugh.

One of these transactions appears to have been put through Curve’s system and included in the merged lump transaction twice - although Amazon has listed it as Declined. When I add up all of the transactions on the 8th/9th and include the Declined amount to Amazon, the difference between what I have been charged and what I should have been charged had all payments processed successfully is the exact figure of that Amazon transaction.

As it stands, the discrepancy is double that, like I say, because the transaction was declined.

Glad they replied over the weekend, hopefully you can get it all sorted out with them :+1:

I’ve had this in the past.

The single transaction appears on the underlying card as a single pending transaction. I’ve found once its been processed, the correct transactions appear on the underlying card.

It would be good if Curve could fix the underlying issue though - I also found it quite confusing the first time I experienced it

Yep, this appears to be exactly what happened. The Pending Transaction has now changed into multiple confirmed transactions, all for the correct amount. I’m also no longer missing any funds, as that too has corrected itself.

Hopefully they fix the underlying issue. I’d rather not find myself almost £100 short again, even if it is only for a couple of days.

Have some concerns about issues as well. Curve transactions not matching credit card statement transactions. Get curve receipts for transactions but not in the time line. Been a week now for them to investigate and still no reply as to why this is happening. Not impressed with the card at the moment and its metal supposed to get priority tickets replied to quicker.

Hey guys, I seem to have missed this thread the last few days - sorry about that!

@Kitch welcome to the Community! :tada: I’m glad to hear that you’re not missing any funds and support have been in touch. I’ve looked into this and can see our engineers are aware of this issue and are investigating it at the moment. I don’t have any update as of yet but will report back once I find out more!