Off topic: Gpay keeps disabling

Not strictly Curve related, but maybe somebody has answer for it.
In my setup I have Gpay installed (parallel download, not officially launched in the Netherlands), added my Curve card to it (UK bin) and it works fine.
However, since a couple of days Gpay app keeps disappearing on my phone (Galaxy S10+, stock, unooted). I have figured out that it gets disabled only, in Google play I can turn it on again - but after a while it disables by itself again.
Lot of Dutch reviewers complain in Google Play store about the same issue, so this is something Google has done on their side. Anybody any idea what’s going on, and how to fix it?
Strangely, even when Gpay app disabled is, is payment by Gpay turned on in payment settings of the phone.

I recognize the same behaviour from my WearOs (Android) SmartWatch. Because the Google Pay app (for WearOs) is not officially supported in the Netherlands every time the watch recognises that it’s not in a supported country the Google Pay app disables itself. That’s why I use some ‘trickery’ so my SmartWatch thinks it’s in the UK (an officially supported Google Pay app for WearOs country) all the time.

Maybe Google decided to implement something similar as just described for Android phones as well.

Google Pay is already integrated to Google Services in newer Androids, so NFC payment works even without the GPay app. It is still a mystery though why Google is disabling the app in some countries and keep it enabled in other ones.

“Google Pay is already integrated to Google Services in newer Androids, so NFC payment works even without the GPay app.”
So this is exactly my point. GPay payment in NFC payment in settlings looks intact, even with the GPay app disabled (but I still have to check, if it really works).
IF it works, GPay app keeping disappearing is just an annoyance -however, hard to understand why the GPay app keeps disabling, especially now, when Google says to officially support GPay in the Netherlands.

It is the same in Hungary, seen this issue actively debated in a hungarian GPay forum. The NFC payment seems to work except to some phone+android version combinations (I think some miui with A9).

Here’s what Google answered to journalists’ question (auto-translate from hungarian):

From November 17, Google Pay services will be offered by our partner partners within their own mobile applications. This means that the Google Pay application itself is not available in Hungary, but customers of partner financial service providers can use Google Pay for online shopping or payment in stores where Visa or Mastercard contactless payment is available.

All the important features required of Google Pay are available in Hungary. When a user wants to add a credit card to Google Pay, they must click “Add to Google Pay” within their financial service provider’s application (wording may vary by service provider). From now on, users can also manage credit cards via Android settings.

‘From now on, users can also manage credit cards via Android settings.’
This part is thus not functional. If I look at payment services (‘tick and pay’ under NFC payments) I can see Gpay with the nice, colored logo, as standard payment service, but I cannot manage or edit this item. Or should I edit it under Google Assistant settings?

Try at Settings > Google > Account Services > Google Pay.

See Google’s help article for countries with no GPay app:

:+1:. Thanks. Köszönöm.

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just update gpay app from yours paraller download source. I’m using “apk monk”

there are numerous complaints from different countries all around europe…Google obviously saw fit to disable their app in a lot of countries without saying a word. Apart from their bad communication skills, if asked what’s going on with the app their support responds with boilerplate text. I received one in english (because I asked in english) while another guy (who asked in german) received exactely the same just in german.

It goes without saying that the support doesn’t tell what’s going on with disabling their app constantly. Instead they refer to the android settings menu where you can manage your cards just without using an app…telling you basically - take it or leave it.

No word about if there will ever be an app for the disabled countries or what’s going on at all.

You can install the “new” Gpay app (through parallel apk sources): I did it; but at installation it asks for an US mobile number (Dutch was not an option) for verification - and at that point I stopped with installing. I think they will roll out this new Gpay app over the world - but when, and how to use Gpay up till that point?
I wonder if there are any US based users here with experience with the “new” Gpay app…

As the new GPay app is only for US users (as stated everywhere) it’s not surprising that no one can “enable” it in other parts of the world. And ther’s no real need for the original app as it is integrated in the OS. If anyone wants to handle cards it can be done via desktop.
And I think all this is some kind of preparation from Google’s side before the new app is launched worldwide…