Offline transaction via gpay - possible?

My question is for topic in general (not related to Curve).

I paid for coffee from vending machine via gpay - google wallet (not using curve card).
First you need to authorize payment and then choose your drink.

Vending machine seemed to take its time to connecting to network (good few minutes), after it displayed something like “connection established/online” and I was able to choose my drink and get it afterwards. But I received notification from gpay, that payment was refunded and also on card statement status was “payment not gone thru” (balance not affected).

So right now it seems I got free coffee for unknown reason.

My question is - can merchant take this payment later as offline transaction, if google pay was used for payment?

No experience with this, when using gpay.

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Don’t worry. You’re going to get charged later.

Offline authentication is absolutely possible of course Google Wallet preference is for online authentication but is just as happy doing an offline authentication. (Think of in-flight transactions.)

As my colleague has said above you will be charged the question is how long will it take for your account to be debited?

Only maybe if there was a refund, maybe from merchant’s point of view I never got that coffee :smiley:

Lol positive thinking I like it. :grin:

Also I could be totally evil - de-link card from gpay and they will never charge me, lol.

That wouldn’t change anything. You’ve already authorized the merchant to make a charge and adjustment.

Yes, but gpay use virtual card number. If there is no any cards linked in gpay, what will happen then?

this virtual card number is of course connected to your real card number

No, that’s not a virtual card.

When a user successfully adds their card to Google Pay, Google Pay stores a uniquely generated token on the device that has its own value. This new number, called a dynamic primary account number (DPAN) or device token, is similar to a credit card number.

A DPAN improves account security because Google Pay passes it to a terminal during payment instead of the actual card number. In Google Pay, we refer to the DPAN as a ‘virtual account number’. Users can only see the last four digits of this number, which are visible on the ‘back of card view’ in the Google Wallet app.

Users can add a single card to more than one wallet. For example, a user with multiple devices or multiple Google accounts on the same device can add the same card to each of their respective accounts and devices. Though each user tokenizes a card using the same PAN, each wallet receives a unique DPAN.

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Just a minor correction it’s called Google Wallet now. :wink:

P. S. I know you’re quoting the information listed above.

P. S. S. I posted information with Google Pay so the irony isn’t lost on me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tried again to buy coffee in same machine. Like previous time, payment was authorized, then machine was trying to get online good few minutes (it did via mobile network), then payment was refunded (did show mesage on screen of machine “payment was interrupted”), but this time I was not able to get coffee for free.
Then I held my device second time to nfc reader and right away payment was taken and I got my coffee.

Weird vending machine. Note to myself, when in hurry - avoid !!!