On card reissuing, the new card data replaces the old card immediately instead of after activation

Issue: When your Curve card gets reissued for any reason (in my case, to obtain a local BIN), the new card data will replace the old card immediately in Card Details, making the old card invalid automatically and needing to activate the new card before it arrives in the post (and of course it removes the delivery ETA bar, which would be a bit sad if the card shipping had tracking).

I know this is not intended behaviour because the Support email said otherwise when I got my card reissued (also worked correctly when I upgraded to Metal a few months ago) :wink:

How to reproduce it: Get a card reissued? Not necessarily an app bug.

OS: Android, but this seems like an internal bug anyway.

Device: Samsung S20+ 5G

App version: 2.33.0

Screenshot: Not visible on a screenshot (unless I show my card details)

This is happening to me too, but on version 3.5.9 (build 5268) on an iPhone SE2020 iOS 14.2

So it seems clear it is not a bug on the version but a design decision, a bad one.

Oh, that needs to be sorted out! Thank you for letting us know. The product team has been informed :+1:

@Curve_Marie i also wanted to have a replacement card with a local BIN, i was very clear with support about that. and what i received? a new card with the same old number… so ticket cannot be closed, more emails from both sides, ehhh. just sayin’…

This happened to me too on Android when upgrading to Metal.
In top of that, new card’s BIN (5574 4442) is recognized as Ukrainian. Hoping to have this sorted out with Support somehow.

This just means that the company in question is lazy and hasn’t updated their BIN lookup tables. If you check on the Mastercard official BIN tables (at https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/issuers/products-and-solutions/simplified-bin-account-range-table.html), you can see that 5574 4442 is issued as an Italian BIN for Curve OS Limited.

There’s really nothing Curve can (or needs) to fix here.

You’re right, it’s not a Curve issue per se, just hoping they help me out somehow.