Once my Cash Back period runs out, I'm not Using Curve Anymore

Hi there, user #20 in the US here. I have been beta testing (or alpha testing, really) Curve in the US since March. In this time I have reported numerous issues directly to the CEO of the US branch and to customer support. All but one of the issues I have reported have yet to be fixed.

Curve US (or Curve in general) has no direction or have their priorities straight. Customers want the following:

  • Good customer support
  • Communication on what is being fixed
  • An actual functioning product we can add all of our cards to

In the time I’ve used Curve, I have not experienced any of the above. The support always claims they “can’t tell you the reason why a transaction declined” or “can’t publish a list of unsupported merchants”. Support also takes ~1-2 days to respond in some cases to chat.

I’ve reported bugs to the CEO directly and to support and am always assured that “it will be fixed”. There are still issues I reported months ago that are still not fixed. I don’t know the status of these bugs or even if they are being prioritized or not. (evidently not). I had a period of time where I couldn’t even pay my credit bill because of a bug with their system. I reported this a month ago, and guess what, it still isn’t fixed even with 3 app updates in the mean time.

Visa credit support has been “in the works” for 5 months with no update on the status of where that stands. Why can you have Visa credit cards on the UK version but not the US version? (I do realize that VISA UK/US are different but regardless, Visa US should see that the product “functions” in the UK). Curve needs to update their marketing materials to reflect what is actually supported. It really should be “supports select visa debit, select mastercard debit, all Mastercard and Discover credit cards.” because I have a few mastercard debit cards that don’t work. Support just says “we can’t tell you the reason why you can’t add this card”.

Overall, this product should not be in the public’s hands yet. It is late alpha at best. It should not be considered beta. I have recently got into a private beta of a competitor that has addressed most of these shortcomings. Curve needs the competition and I hope this finally kicks their butts into gear and deliver a company that has done nothing but live up to it’s terrible reputation it created for itself in the UK and Europe.