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Using Curve to front all my cards (both debit and credit)?

I am considering using Curve to front of all my cards (both debit and credit). My main reasons are to get rid of the currency conversion fees (on weekdays), use Interbank exchange rate, Apple Pay, GBIT and the most important one to one need one main credit card in my wallet.

Mainly considering the Curve Black card since I will spend around 100’000 SEK (roughly 10’000 GBP) per year in foreign currency (all my cards are on SEK).

To get an understanding of Curve I am testing it out with Curve Blue (free). I have just started using the Curve card and using an underlaying Revolut debit cards works fine. But I have some issues paying with the Curve card on online e-commerce sites.

This morning I tried making a payment of 64.63 GBP (722 SEK) from an online store, (listed as Billmate AB in the app) using Curve and a verified underlaying credit card from a Swedish bank. But the payment was declined. If I switched to the Revolut Debit card in the Curve app the payment was accepted.

I started by investigating with my local bank that issued the credit card. But they did not decline the purchase and cannot see the transaction in their systems.

When I tried the GBIT feature to move the purchase from the Revolut debit card to my Swedish banks credit card I got an error message from the app stating that I needed to activate Curve Fronted.

I have no plans of paying for either HMRC or credit card bills with my Curve card. But I would like to use Curve so I can use Curves features for currency conversions etc. instead of my regular credit card company’s currency conversion.

Do I need to use “Curve Fronted“ with the 1.5% fee for ALL my purchases with an underlaying credit card if I want to use Curve at e.g. regular payments such as restaurants, physical stores, online stores etc?

Can some online store payment systems be classified incorrectly as. MCC 6012 and how do I see if that is the case?

No you don’t. One doesn’t need “Curve fronted” activated to make a payment on, for example, Amazon with an underlying Creditcard selected.

Thanks @poeliev! Then I guess the onlinestore payment system is classified as MCC 6012. Is there any way to check the classification?

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Some cards, Curve is not one of them (but you can vote for that here), show the MCC in their spending overview/transaction details.

I guess you can always ask Curve support ( which MCC is used for a specific transaction.