One Cash withdrawal taken twice?

I made a £190 cash withdrawal last Tuesday at a post office cash machine and this morning the curve app says that it has been refunded then retaken???

Only issue is in my main account it has not been refunded only taken out again
£380 taken out my account and I only withdrew 190

I need your urgent help with this I feel like I have been stolen from

Hello Steve,
It’s the same case as with declined transaction that has been reserved, but not captured. The money will reappear automatically after 10 days, but you can speed up the process by sending it the decline receipt to customers support.

So in escence through no fault of my own I have to wait 10 days for my money back just because I used my curve metal to withdraw cash and the reason was your error as I had more than enough funds in my account?

It just does not sit well with me

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Have you contacted Customer Support? They can help you with this.

Yes I have and still 3 days after I am 190 pound out of pocket

This has been resolved.