One schedule of fees and charges

With the introduction of the New 1.5% transaction charge for debit card payments (with underlying credit card) Curve’s fee policy gets more complicated for yet another time. I think it’s high time to introduce one official, binding document with the current and full schedule of all possible fees and charges associated with using the product. In my opinion it should also be separated (like into a seperate page) from the main T&C for clarity.

I would not want to be surprised by any charges and expect Curve to get rid of any ambiguities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • informing exactly when the new 1.5% debit/credit fee is applied currently and where it will be applied later (UK only?),
  • providing ALL information about FX fees, such as the extra 2% over 500 pounds when using Curve Blue, or the 0.5%/1.5% weekend fee (which I insist that could be tweaked while we’re at it),
  • when do card replacement fees apply and how high are they,
  • other fees I don’t personally have to deal with (Black/Metal subscriptions, airport lounges).

To be honest, I consider myself to be more interested in the topic than the average user, yet I still sometimes get confused. What do you guys think?

Agreed. The state of fees is abysmal. You never know what you are going to be charged and when.


I don’t agree that they should be binding, that’s absurd. But they should be clearly listed so that people can make informed choices.

The card replacement fee is a bugbear of mine, my Metal card constantly has issues with NFC payments, I’ve also seen this mentioned many times on TrustPilot. When I contacted Curve it was “make sure your card is the right way up (lol)” and if it still didn’t work, pay £50.

Again, I don’t disagree with the charges but at least be open, honest and transparent.


The 1.5% fee is only when paying HMRC right? They imposed it to probably stop people paying their tax on a credit card.

Currently, yes. There are plans to extend it to other governmental institutions in the future.

I think they actually want people to continue doing it expecting profit from the fee.