Online Payments being declined as "Contactless over the limit"

Hi, my last online payments are all being declined with the reason “Contactless Limit Reached. Please use Chip & Pin instead for this transaction”.

In other card forum, I saw several Curve users complaining the same so this is affecting Curve globaly

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Hello @jvieira73,

Simply do a Chip&Pin transaction or contact the customer support.

Please read my post, it’s ONLINE PAYMENTS (,, any online store)

I repeat, this is affecting several users abroad but I already receive some feedback that after another try the payment was performed, for me is still not working

Dustin via Curve Community <> escreveu em sex., 19/08/2022 às 13:23 :

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Hi @jvieira73 - happened to me last night. Tried twice but to no avail. It’s an online transaction so obviously I’m not present and cannot perform a chip and pin transaction. Support doesn’t respond. Another reason to stop using Curve. More headaches than it’s worth these days! Sorry for us :weary:

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Did anyone get a response on this.
Trying to use on but when hotel attempts to take payment it is declined with the reason being contactless limit exceeded.

It sort of defeats the purpose of curve metal if it can’t easily be used for overseas spend online.


Hi @Smesss - sorry you’re having the same issue!
I raised this with Support but as per usual, I got the robotic/copy & paste response. Please see below.

I took the bullet (accepted the FX charge) and used another card which went through instantly with no issues at all. Mastercard SecureCode was fine, which I’m guessing is SCA in their template response.
I am running out of reasons as to why I need Curve… as I am increasingly avoid using it due to the issues I am facing on a regular basis and support isn’t really helpful.

Hope yours gets sorted. Keep us posted.

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced declines.

Sometimes when making online transactions we need a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This helps to make online transactions safer, preventing fraudsters from getting their hands on your cash. 3D Secure allows SCA to be applied so that shopping online with Curve is even safer now.

Whenever you attempt an online transaction requiring 3DS verification, a notification will pop up on your mobile phone so that you can choose the way of verifying your transaction and whether you’d like to accept or decline a payment. You can verify the transaction by logging into the app, entering an SMS verification code or receiving an email message.

Just a heads-up, some retailers might not yet have implemented 3D secure, which means you could get declined. Can you please contact the merchant directly and ask them if they can accept another way to pay aside from online payments?

Have a great day and please let us know if there’s anything else you’d like our help with.

There is a possibility that the problem in on the online payment system and not Curve itself but without feedback from Curve support there is always the doubt were the problem is.

For me it worked again for some trasactions but then the problem appeared again, now is working well but still no feedback from Curve support.

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Thanks for the response. Yes, the lack of support is frustrating. I actually phoned up the hotel and they tried something different with how they process the transaction through MPOS which worked. Does seem very hit and miss and can’t get anything out of support.

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Exactly! It’s weird though, using a different card (I have a few) every time works with or without SCA. So by deduction, there’s something about the curve card or backend that it doesn’t go through?

It’s great that you were able to sort this out via the hotel directly. But I feel we shouldn’t have to do that just to be able to use Curve. I’m staying put with Blue.

Same issue here… triyng to use Expedia… “Contactless over limit” :frowning:
i got around the problem using Curve card with Paypal… in that case the transaction worked correctly…

I ran into same problem today with Airbnb payment declined with “Contactless limit reached. Please use Chip & PIN instead for this transaction.”.

I noticed the decline comes instantly even before I’m taken into 3DS authentication view. I can authenticate the transaction then in Curve app, but of course it doesn’t go through since it’s been already declined.

Underlaying card directly worked fine.