Open Curve App to Confirm Payment - 3DS issue

Last couple of times I’ve made an online purchase, I get the topic title when it come to the actual payment. What exactly am I supposed to do, because when I open the curve app to confirm payment, there is nothing happens whatsoever. Maybe I’m just being thick, but there is no action to take, and nothing changes on the laptop screen either. Thankfully there are two other options, either message or email, and I just use message, and the six number code. It’s a bit of a faff though, and I’d really like to know if I’m missing something really obvious when I open the app. I’m using an iPhone XR. Thanks in advance, as generally everyone is really helpful on here, especially to us oldies.

Welcome to the club :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for all the replies. Glad it’s not me being stupid then. Seems to be an ongoing problem. Thankfully I have no problem with sms . Amount today was less than £30 too.

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