Open the Curve app to confirm this payment message

I got this message when using my curve card through google pay yesterday at a pub in the UK (via their online food menu).

It was a bit annoying as when I did what it said and opened the curve app, there was nothing.

I then received a code via sms with a stripe code which there were no instructions to use.

Any ideas what to do? I had to use a different card in the end.


Ok, so it is 3DS. You can read about how this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, here :point_down:t2: and in the linked topics in that thread:

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I always select receive sms on the screen cause when I go through app it always fail

There seems to be missing feature in the Curve app. The notification appears on the phone, but after fingerprint logging I land on the main screen.

There is no feature to find the last request anywhere in the app or to request another verification from the website other than asking for SMS.

Yeah absolutely this. I get a phone notification and click it it jumps into the app and I can generally approve. But if I happen to have the app open already (quite common as I just switched card before purchase) nothing comes up!

In a few rare cases where website asked for confirmation it never worked for me.