Opening a account for my yunger sibling

My 15y old brother wants to use curve pay so he doesn’t need to cary his debit card and so he can pay on his phone,but when he took the picture ofnhis ID and and clicked verify it says there is some truble varifying his identity. Is this normal or because this didn’t happen to me and i got varified immediately, we contacted the support but it’s been at least a week alredy
So is this normal? and should i wait a bit longer

It won’t work.

You can open a Curve account:

  • if you’re a resident of any of the EEA member states;
  • have the full legal capacity to enter into a contract, and
  • you’re 18 years old or over.

You can’t open a Curve account:

  • on someone else’s behalf, or
  • if you already have a Curve account, or
  • if there is any reason that Curve is unable to grant you an account under the law that applies to us.