Opening ticket via app

On iOS there appears to be an issue when opening a support ticket via the app (via the “Query this transaction link”). You get the dialog box open and can type, but when you hit send, the screen looks like it’s doing something but then just returns to the box with your text in and nothing submits. The only option is to try and send (which does nothing) or cancel out.

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Thats a strange one, have you tried the usual fixes of force closing the app, trying to log-out and back in…?

If you need to get in touch with support, drop them an email with as much detail as you can to!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This might be a known issue, I will try to find out some more and let you know.

You can always just send an email to, it has the same effect in the sense that it creates a ticket for our Customer Experience team, it unfortunately won’t have the context regarding specific transactions, so please be specific and send as many details as possible when sending your request(s).

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Yes I know i can open tickets via email ta, I was simply raising the bug that its broken in-app :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it is only for a subset of users (I am one of them myself).

I will try to get the investigation and solution prioritised.

Oops the irony that you’re one of the affected users @curve_tobias!

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Ticket for investigation was created