Option to automatically assign category on past purchases and for future ones


One thing I love with Revolut which Curve seems to miss is the option to change the category on a specific transaction and if there are old ones from the same company/store you get an prompt asking if you want to change the category on all the past transactions and also keep that category on upcoming ones also.

Now when I for example change my Starbucks transaction from food category to whatever it only changes the category on that specific transaction, not the older or newer ones. This gets unmanageable if you have lots of transactions to change and quite annoying to manually fix for future ones too.

Would be great if you could implement this!

Good idea.

Bunq already has such feature anyway: https://youtu.be/oWv0fQ2mibs?t=2150

Good idea, I proposed the same by mail to the development team some weeks ago.